Jonathan Bunge: Make your large living room feel cozier

Most of us aspire to get a large living room, especially when, for many years, we have been residing in a small property. However, big rooms have their own challenges. One of which is the tendency of the space to feel empty. Here are some ideas to make your large living room feel cozier.

1. Use tall potted plants

Fill tall empty spaces by putting potted trees. Just make sure you have enough sunlight to sustain those plants. Tall plants draw our eyes up and accentuate high ceilings.

2. Use two-tone paint for walls.

If you don’t want to show off your high ceiling, paint your walls only part of the way up to create a cozier vibe, tricking the eye into thinking the walls are lower than they are.

3. Use oversized center tables.

Your living rooms can feel a bit empty if there is too much space between the sofa and the coffee table. Solve this by choosing a large center table. A big upholstered ottoman will close the gap and add softness at the same time.

Use a daybed room divider

Having a large room gives you an option to have two full seating areas. You may choose to have one dedicated to entertainment and the other for conversations. Using a daybed is a good way to do this, creating a division but still keeping the flow between the two zones.

Hi, I’m Jon Bunge from Chicago, Illinois. I’m an architect and a part-time interior designer. Visit my blog for more interior design tips and tricks.


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