Jonathan Bunge: Four best window treatments for your bedroom

A good window treatment can have a huge impact on your home’s ambiance. Window treatments also reflect your attitude on everything from privacy to pampering. Check out these window treatment ideas to make your bedroom that much more comfortable.

1. Drape with silk : Add a more luxurious and romantic ambiance by adding silk drapery panels in your bedroom. Choose a soft sea glass color. Add beads, teasels, and buttons to customize further.

2. Combine it. : Use sheer and opaque draperies for a modern feel. The sheer fabric stays open during the day to allow sunlight in, while the opaque panels help buffer sound and light at night to help you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Pleat it from floor to ceiling : If you want a homier vibe, cover the entire wall by hanging pleated window treatments from floor to ceiling. This treatment also makes a small room look bigger.

4. Add layers : To add sophistication on your window, treat it by using layers. Add a pattern to one of the layers to create a sophisticated look or touch of character.

Hi there! Jon Bunge, an architect from Chicago Illinois. I’m also a part-time interior designer. Visit my blog for more of my work.


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