Jonathan Bunge Chicago: The world’s first hologram table

What if you could get your hands on a table that is made for the future?

We’ve seen how a hologram works in futuristic movies like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” We thought we’d only see it on the big screen, but now that the future is here, we can make hologram work for us, ordinary people, with Euclideon’s hologram table.

Euclideon, an Australian company, developed the first-ever multi-user hologram table. This cool table allows up to four people to interact with holographic images that are projected on a table’s surface. It works without wires or headsets, enabling users to experience hologram like they’re actually immersed in reality. With its sleek, motion-tracking glasses that look very similar to sunglasses, anyone can enjoy looking at hologram images. The table also has a computer inside that communicates with microchips to give the glasses precise location of what the user is viewing.

Euclideon’s prototype is a 1.5-meter by 1.5-meter table. The company has received great interest for the project and has received funding from various companies. Euclideon expects a commercial release of the product early next year. According to the company’s CEO, Bruce Dell, the table may cost around $47,000. It will also have a variety of sizes, including a table that people can stand on.

As an architect, I’m thrilled for this technology. Not only will it make my work easier, but my clients will also get to appreciate what I’ve worked on, too!

Hi, I’m Jonathan Bunge, an architect from Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about architecture when you visit this

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Euclideon made a multi-user hologram table

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