Jonathan Bunge of Chicago on Decluttering Your Home

For Jonathan Bunge of Chicago, spring cleaning should be an all-year event. The more times that you do it, the less clutter you’d have to deal with. Jon Bunge, Chicago resident, believes beautiful homes lose their ‘beauty’ once clutter starts to accumulate. Not only that; but the home would start to feel suffocating because of all the clutter scattered at every room and corner. Even closets would start to feel cramped, and look ready to burst at the seams. For Jonathan Bunge of Chicago, keeping your house clean and organized can spell a huge difference between having relaxing haven and a stressful and uncomfortable, even uninviting, place to live.

Have you been feeling out of energy of late? Do you wake up from a night’s slumber already feeling tired and stressed even before your day has started? It could be the ‘energy’ in your home; or to put it in simpler terms, the clutter inside your home.

Effects of clutter in our mental and physical functions

Psychologists say that cluttered surroundings affect us mentally in that the mess that we see is processed by our brains through various sense-based inputs, which in effect, causes our brains to process different stimuli at the same time. This deluge of information overwhelms the brain and causes stress. When this mental processing is repeatedly done, it could also cause us to feel physically tired, drained of energy. In other words, messy surroundings potentially mean messy thought processes.

Another effect of being constantly exposed to clutter is that it distracts us from doing what’s important, or what we should be doing. The next time you see clutter in your home, make a conscious effort of following your thought patterns. It’s likely that you will start with saying to yourself that you need to start cleaning soon, and then begin to think of how and why clutter accumulated (including scenes of events that could have led to foregoing the cleanup, etc.). This thought pattern—connecting the dots, if you will—will have taken up precious time that we could have spent doing what needed to be done at the time such as writing that paper, making that phone call to a client, or other things on your to-do list.

Finally, clutter serves as a reminder that there’s one more thing that needs to be done even if you’ve already spent the day toiling behind the desk and running errands. But here’s the takeaway, if you can call it that; the longer you put it off, the more likely you’ll add more stuff that will need to be cleared sooner or later.

In my next post, I will share with you a few helpful tips for decluttering your home, even your office. Kindly stay tuned for that. This is Jonathan Bunge of Chicago once more. I hope to see you all here again soon!

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