Jonathan Bunge, Chicago Contactor On The Barack Obama Presidential Center

Jonathan Bunge On the Chicago Library and Presidential Center by Barack Obama

Jonathan Bunge is a Chicago contractor who has worked on a variety of construction projects, including renovations and extensions. Read his thoughts below about the planned Barack Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park.

It’s been awhile since Chicago real estate had something this grand to be excited about. Just last month, former President Barack Obama unveiled the futuristic yet sophisticated design of the planned presidential center that will be named after him. To be built on the south side of Chicago, where it will be hosted by the University of Chicago in Jackson Park, the presidential center will have a museum, a forum building, as well as other ground features like an auditorium, a restaurant, and a public garden. Jonathan Bunge, a Chicago contractor, is particularly excited about the planned buildings as these are reportedly designed by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects from New York and Interactive Design Architects, which is based locally.

Obama, who has expressed interest in helping revive Chicago real estate, shared to the media sketches for the presidential library that will sit atop a sledding hill. Of course, the local community, including Jonathan Bunge, Chicago native, is excited to see what the glass-and-steel structure will look like once it’s built. The planned presidential library is seen to provide a much-needed boost to, not only Chicago real estate, but Chicago tourism as well. This is because the planned presidential center will feature the first ever digital presidential library of the country. Yes, this means there will be no paper records on site. This doesn’t mean, however, that there will be no actual paper records or documents to speak of. Instead, the paper records will be kept under the care of the National Archives and Records Administration.

As one of the most progressive and forward-thinking presidents of our times, it’s not surprising that the presidential center reflects the cool and calm personality of the former commander in chief. Jon Bunge, as a Chicago resident, can’t wait to see if the president’s talk about food trucks and barbecue grills around the center will materialize. On a more serious note, however, he agrees with real estate experts that the presidential center will only boost real estate prices even further once construction has finished. To date, homes around the area have already risen by as much as 11%. Jonathan Bunge, with Chicago construction services spanning project management to procurement of materials under his belt, believes that the presidential center can be finished well before the set deadline of four years on the back of the president’s enduring popularity, which helps with raising funds.

Jon Bunge, as a Chicago professional, looks forward to the job creation opportunities that the presidential center will create as well. Aside from the jobs created which are directly related to construction, once the presidential center is finished, there will also be jobs for the operations and maintenance of the buildings in and around the center.

Definitely, Chicago’s south side communities are headed for some exciting times.

Stay tuned to read more from Jonathan Bunge, a Chicago contractor.


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