Interior design 101: How to display family photos on walls

Owners are always told to make their homes their castles. It should be a place where they can relax and spend a lazy day in. One of the more intimate touches a family can make is to display personal photos on the walls or shelves. There are many interior design guides on how to arrange furniture but only a few on displaying vignettes on walls. Thankfully, listed below are a few tips to consider.

Plan an arrangement: Before placing holes into the walls, owners should start with a plan – particularly if the home is ranting. A great compromise is making pencil marks on the walls to represent nail homes. One can even trace the frames on some inexpensive paper, cutting these out, and then use painter’s tape to stick them on the wall. Many family photos come in their standard frames, but if possible, try placing photos in frames of various lengths and dimensions to add more depth to the walls.

Group black and white photos: Photo galleries love using black and white pictures. This finish makes images look timeless and gives a clean, classic look. A rule of thumb is to group these together for a more uniformed style. As mentioned previously, owners can mix and match things up by having photos with different types of frames.

Frames of the same color, but different designs: Family photos are always growing. Owners may fear finding matching frames! A good tip is to find frames of the same color but different designs. The variation is enough to keep to the motif while being trendy.

Owners should never shy away from displaying cherished memories. A home looks more personal when there are family photos.

Jon Bunge from Chicago Illinois is fascinated with interior design. For more tips, follow this Twitter account.

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