Home Improvement

Home improvement covers a wide range of modifications usually involving the home’s utility system (heating, cooling and ventilation, plumbing and electrical), repair and maintenance, building an extension or additional room, installing energy-saving devices like insulation, and installing additional safety measures like an alarm system, fire sprinklers, and security doors. You may choose to have the modifications done one at a time, or you may want to turn everything into one whole, consolidated project. Whatever the case may be, a general contractor can greatly help you with all the things that you want done.

At Jon Bunge Construction, our goal is to help homeowners and individuals who wish to have their dream homes built have the kind of home that they want—and deserve. While minor improvements like small home repairs may be done by the homeowners themselves, huge renovation or improvement tasks are best handled by a licensed professional. This will ensure that everything is done according to specifications, especially state-mandated specifications or regulations, and that no important detail is left out.

Why Choose Us?

Jon Bunge has a team of professional construction experts that can handle any type of construction-related job. Whether it’s for home renovations or building a home from the ground up, you can rest assured that his team of licensed professionals will be up to the challenge!

In cases where construction or renovation projects underwent several delays, or worse, was put on hold indefinitely, one of the most common reasons for such occurrences is that the job was mishandled by the general contractor or the construction services company. This causes the client to lose huge amounts of money. But more than the financial loss, the client will lose its faith and confidence in the construction team that he or she hired.

At Jon Bunge Construction, you won’t encounter any such problems because our team strictly adheres to one simple work ethic: provide exceptional service to clients through utmost professionalism. Being a professional doesn’t simply mean showing up for work on time, however. For Jon Bunge and his team, it’s more than that. Utmost professionalism means delivering top-quality services at all times, going above and beyond the client’s expectations, and meeting all demands of the project with a positive attitude.

Respect for one another’s roles in the project is also expected from each member of the team. This ultimately inspires teamwork, which is a huge factor in the successful completion of the project.

If you wish to set an appointment with Jon Bunge for a home improvement project you are looking to get started, please feel free to contact him through this site. We look forward to giving you the home that you deserve!