Architecture…..You Had One Job

Sometimes people can underestimate architecture until they deal with some real bad decisions. Most mistake will not be as bad as the ones I am going to show you but they are still funny. There is a reason people say one of the things you should never skimp your money on is it has to do with technology or architecture. There are obvious reasons for this, mistakes made in architecture or remodeling are not an easy fix and can take time and money to get most issues resolved as the below pictures will show you.


I honestly do not know what the purpose of this door is and why it was even created. This actually causes me nightmares because I can imagine some one really mean trapping someone else in that door. You have to wonder why the developers just keep going with the wall. What purpose could this door have other then to look extremely weird and creepy.


You can look at this in two ways, either someone put the sign up in the wrong place and in that case it was pretty simple mistake that could easily be rectified. Or someone really messed up and a ramp was suppose to go here and it did not. I will choose to believe that some one did an ultimate FUBAR and put up stairs where obviously a ramp was suppose to go.


True story, I use to work at a remodeling company and this is how the drawer were in our kitchen for the company. It was pretty funny and actually took quite a while to get fixed. For what ever reason people still tortured them selves and used these drawers quite often. It was of great pleasure watching people struggle each lunch.


I saved the best for last, the irony is strong with this picture. This seems like it could be an easy fix just move the letters over. But I have a feeling that has to be an inside joke with this college or something.