About Page

Jon Bunge is the proprietor of Jon Bunge Construction, a company that specializes in providing construction services within and around the Great San Diego and Los Angeles areas. He has been in the construction business for well over ten years, but his experience spans longer than that. You could say that construction is in his blood—his father worked as a professional general contractor.

Paternal Influence

They say that parents are a child’s first teachers, and in the case of Jon, it was his father who got him interested in building things. He would often see his father tinkering away in their old shed, and he watched in fascination as his father created various remarkable pieces of woodwork, from cabinets to stools and chairs.

This fascination eventually led him to ask his dad to teach him about woodwork and carpentry. And when he was old and strong enough to handle tools, which was around his early teen years, his father began teaching him all there is to know about creating beautiful woodwork. After finishing high school, his father deemed it the best time to expose him to actual construction work. He was assigned menial jobs at the sites first like carrying materials and helping with clearing the building site.

Since he was old enough to work, his father then began giving him more responsibilities at the site, from erecting the support structures to installing roof shingles. He also got paid as a temporary laborer—something that encouraged him to eventually pursue a career in construction. He loved getting paid for doing something that he enjoys immensely.

Venturing Out on His Own

When Jon Bunge felt more confident about his construction abilities, he asked for his father’s blessing to start his own business. His father not only gave him his approval, but he also volunteered to help Jon with the business—as partners. So father and son put up Jon Bunge Construction. His father continued to work as a general contractor while Jon put more focus on procuring jobs for their fledgling company.

With his father’s reputation as one of the best general contractors in San Diego and Los Angeles, and Jon’s own construction experiences combined with his natural feel for business, the company got off to a good start. Today, Jon Bunge Construction is one of the most trusted construction services providers in the area.

If you wish to hire his services for a project, please feel free to contact him through this site. Rest assured that he will promptly get back to you.